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Your Consultation

A holistic blend of classical homeopathy, homeopathic detox and natural balancing therapy, organ system support, orthomolecular supplements and lifestyle coaching individually tailored to you.

‘The homeopathic consultation is paramount to building authentic and empowering practitioner-patient relationships and patient health and wellbeing outcomes. The whole person approach, the totality and individuality of the patient, sits at the centre of the homeopathic consultation.’   Gill Carrie, 2021.

What conditions do you treat? 

Health and illness are individualised experiences. While many illnesses and diseases may present with similar diagnosed symptoms, it is imperative to take into account how you experience these symptoms and their impact on your wellbeing during a homeopathic consultation. In such consultations, careful attention is paid to the root cause(s) of symptoms, including any unusual or peculiar symptoms and instances where you have not felt well since. Rather than relying on conventional labels for illnesses and diseases, we strive to empower you with information so you can make informed decisions about your health and choose the best options based on your individual needs.

What can I do before my consultation? 

Download your consultation journal [below] to prepare [and send] prior to our first consultation. This brings detailed knowledge of the reason for your consultation, your complete medical case history and your family health background towards understanding your uniqueness, pre-dispositions, overall level of health and the whole picture of how your body and mind express. Confidentiality is paramount.


What happens during my consultation? 

Our first consultation is the most detailed, lasting up to 1.5 hours. The priority is to thoroughly understand the exact symptoms you are experiencing. Then, we discuss your consultation journal, exploring various factors regarding your symptoms to build a complete picture and considering many characteristics, e.g., personality traits, stress triggers, likes, dislikes, cravings, lifestyle, etc.

What happens after my consultation? 

Your prescription or programme is completed and sent to you after your consultation. Being individualised, this may incorporate classical homeopathy, human chemistry integrated therapy, homeopathic detox therapy, natural balancing therapy, organ system support, orthomolecular supplements, acute support plan and health & wellbeing coaching support.


What about my next consultation? 

Homeopathic treatments involve a gradual process of change towards better health. Therefore, the first follow-up consultation is booked for four or eight weeks after the first prescription. This consultation is for 45 minutes, where we discuss changes, assess your reaction to the previous remedy/programme and decide on the next step in your treatment. Sometimes, with the remedy/programme working well, we may wait and not prescribe and the information gathered during the appointment may be used later in selecting the following remedy or programme.


How many consultations may I need? 

The number of consultations needed is difficult to predict. It depends on several factors, e.g., your level of health, medical history, duration of symptoms and your response to your prescription. Once improvement is stabilised, appointments will be required less often. The aim is to achieve a level of health that eventually needs minimum treatment. If you wish to discontinue your treatment for any reason or at any time, we must talk things over together beforehand.


What about seeing my doctor or specialist?

We always recommend that you maintain your relationship with your GP or specialist. Homeopathic and conventional approaches are often successfully used in an integrated approach. 


What about my conventional medications?

Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and will not interfere with the action of conventional drugs. Nevertheless, it’s essential to keep your homeopath informed of any changes in prescribed medication from your doctor and to keep your doctor informed of any changes in symptoms for which you have been prescribed conventional medicines.

Additional Aspects

Health is not just the absence of illness. It is the ability to adapt and restore balance.

Acute ill-health is a self-limiting with fast onset, follows a typical pattern and comes to a clear end - complete recovery or death.


Chronic ill health is an ongoing condition with symptoms that don’t clear up, may change in nature and last a long time.  


Dis-ease is our body trying to restore balance through its intelligence.


Symptoms are signals from our body to bring our attention to our dis-ease.


Cure is about more than just being able to do the things that made us ill in the first place.


A homeopathic remedy does not cure; it stimulates the body to heal with the body's own healing power. This stimulus assists your system in clearing itself of any expressions of imbalance. 


Taking a homeopathic remedy – it is advisable to avoid anything being taken via mouth for 15 minutes before or after taking the remedy, not even toothpaste or cigarettes, and to avoid coffee, peppermint and preparations containing menthol, eucalyptus and camphor, as these can interfere with the action of the homeopathic remedy. After taking your treatment, you may notice some changes that are important to record as are part of the healing process with any concerns discussed. 


Classical Homeopathy - from the Greek: homeo=similiar, pathos=suffering. A system of medical practice that treats a disease, especially by administering minute doses of a remedy that would, in more significant amounts, produce symptoms similar to those of the disease in healthy persons. The principles are 1. the law of similars ‘like cures like’, 2. the single remedy, 3. the minimum dose and 4. the law of cure. These will be explained regarding your remedy prescription.


Human Chemistry Integrated Therapy is working with the whole human chemistry, bringing awareness of the potential impact of external factors, such as conventional medicines, on human health, our bodily interaction between the outside world and our inner processes and molecular interactions with different substances such as hormones to understand and treat at a cellular level. 


Health & Wellbeing Coaching is to support healthy behavioural change for the prevention and treatment of lifestyle diseases and choices. Exploring ideas, identifying perceived obstacles, generating solutions, setting objectives, implementing timely actions and prioritising sustainable health and wellbeing choices brings confidence and ownership to your own health & wellbeing goals and communications.


Overall, treating the reason for your consultation, supporting healthy behavioural change, working through pre-dispositions and susceptibility, removing blockages, clearing toxins, balancing systems, organs, body substances, vitamins, and hormones and utilising traditional and new homoeopathic remedies, aids the recuperative process of the body at a deep level, is mild and potentially offer a quick and lasting recovery. 

If you are being referred from your Practitioner or Healthcare professional, please contact us via a Referral Form Enquiry.

Acknowledgements to The Centre for Homeopathic Education, Human Chemistry Integrated Therapy, Society of Homeopaths, Global2Specific Coaching, MangementEQ, Global Wellness Institute.

Investing in your health with the guidance of a homeopathic practitioner involves embracing a holistic approach that prioritises your body's innate healing abilities and addresses the root causes of health imbalances.


Through comprehensive consultations and personalised treatment plans, homeopathic practitioners understand the interconnected nature of your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual well-being and the effect traumas have on your health. 


By treating the whole person, not just the disease or symptoms, homeopathy helps you achieve optimal health and well-being. 

By incorporating natural remedies, lifestyle adjustments and stress management techniques, you can embark on a healing journey that promotes overall wellness and fosters a profound sense of balance and vitality.

This collaborative and integrative approach empowers you to participate actively in your health, supporting the body's natural processes and nurturing a sustainable path towards long-term well-being.

Health Investment & Health Ownership 

with Homeopathic Consultations & Group Events

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