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Centre  for Practitioner

Health & Wellbeing

Supporting Practitioner Health & Wellbeing

in Person-Centred Practice


for what you do ...

Being a practitioner doing work you love and in the desire to help others on their wellness journey, often impacts your own health & wellbeing and subsequently your practice and personal life.

"Heal Thyself" Dr E. Bach


we understand ...

 As conscientious practitioners, in person-centred wellness practices, we often experience additional responsibility, workload, time restraints, limited resources … the list goes on. This often leads to stress changes, lower energy, fatigue, exhaustion and eventually burnout and disease. Often, very similar to what we are helping others with. 


to support you ...

 At the centre for supporting practitioners health & wellbeing, Gill Carrie brings extensive, diverse and collaborative experience from over many years and with other specialised practitioners and organisations. This reflects in the centre's consultations, toolkits and research projects to further support you as a practitioner.  

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