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Online Homeopathic Consultation


The whole person approach, your individuality, sits at the centre of the homeopathic consultation. 

Together we build an authentic and empowering health relationship towards your health and wellbeing outcomes.


Our 1-1 sessions are a holistic blend of classical homeopathy, homeopathic detoxing and balancing therapy, organ & system support, orthomolecular supplements, lifestyle coaching and other complementary modalities - all tailored to you.


Personal sessions focus on identifying and treating the root causes of any imbalances and challenges you may be experiencing.

Personalised solutions are naturally holistic and blend various approaches effectively.


Our specialised consultations explore this with you.


Find out more about your consultation here


Online Group Event with Homeopathy


Working together can introduce new concepts to current methods or add an expanding dynamic to existing practices. This is especially helpful when dealing with trauma, chronic health conditions or practice-related challenges that require a fresh perspective.

Collaborative group sessions are varied - from Ancestral Trauma and Homeopathic Support - to Inner Dance 7 Colour Flow Sessions and Homeoapthic Chakra Remedies - and Practice Support & Solutions.

Collaborating with a professional homeopath and coach can offer several advantages, enriching our care and services provided.


Collaborative group sessions offer a multi-faceted and integrative approach to enhancing our overall individual wellbeing and our professional practices.

Our collaborative approach always acknowledges the interconnectedness of our physical, emotional, mental and spirituall health & wellbeing.


Explore  more about collaborative events here

Both homeopathic consultations and events are delivered online. In-person appointments or places have limited availability.

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