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'finding the gap'

The patient - practitioner - practice dynamic is very powerful.

The centre looks for any 'gaps' to improve this dynamic.

Here are our current three research gaps 'in action':

research gap  I  one

the practitioner as patient


We often forget what it is like to be the patient/client and also to be at the centre of our own wellness consultation and treatment.

A very important aspect of whole person health & wellbeing for us to do as practitioners - further enhancing our professional and personal life also.

Our Practitoner Consultations 

are a dynamic health experience.  


research gap  I  two

the practitioner in practice

‘The Homeopathic Consultation and the Homeopathic Practitioner’s Health & Wellbeing Development: A Grounded Theory Study Protocol’.

The power of the consultation and its effect on practitioner health & wellbeing.

Our Practitioner Research is currently in development.

Interested in being part of?

Research Proposition - for Practitioner Health & Wellbeing
research gap  I  three

the gap in practice

”If we are still tolerating burnout, identifying it only as a work-related syndrome and it’s still remaining ‘under-reported and under-recognised' - then tailoring an approach for practitioner fulfilment and wellbeing - and implementing leadership and practitioner wellbeing organisational strategies, brings us to the importance of this study.” Gill Carrie

Our 'Menu for Wellbeing or Recipe for Burnout' Webinar & Toolkit, for further exploring this in our workplaces.

Menu for Wellbeing or Recipe for Burnout - Webinar &Toolkit
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