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Bullying-Hiding-Being Someone Else


1. What is Bullying? Bullying is when someone is mean to you on purpose, over and over again. It can be with words, actions or both.


2. Types of Bullying: There are different types of bullying, like teasing, hitting, spreading rumours or excluding someone from games or groups.


3. How Bullying Feels: Bullying can make you feel sad, scared or alone. It's important to talk to someone you trust about how you feel.


4. Stand Up and Speak Out: If you see someone being bullied, try to help them or tell a grown-up you trust. Don't join in or ignore it.


5. Tell an Adult: If you're being bullied, tell a grown-up you trust, like a parent, teacher or school counsellor. They can help make it stop.


6. Be a Good Friend: Be kind to others and stand up for friends who might be bullied. Together, we can make our schools and communities safe and friendly for everyone.


Remember, bullying is not okay, and everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness.

Our Books on Bullying

Bumble Power Book by Gill Carrie - Friends - Stop Bullying!

Bumble Power

will knock you for 6 ... as this six-legged little girl with red hair, brown skin and a strong-will takes you on her adventure on meeting a new friend who's different from her too!


Pre-School - 6years

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School Ghoul 

is a Phlea in your ear ... as this dynamic girl takes on children's arch enemy - the school bully! 

There's a gang, a boy being bullied, an angry teacher ... 

How will it end?



School Ghoul Book by Gill Carrie - Be A Good Friend - Stop Bullying!
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Our Projects on Bullying

Philomena Phlea - Song

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Barney Bee - Song
Bullying-Hiding-Being Someone Else

6 Key Effects of Bullying on Children

1. Emotional Distress: Bullying can cause children to feel sad, anxious or scared. It may lead to low self-esteem and a loss of confidence.


2. Physical Health Issues: Some children who are bullied may experience physical health problems like headaches, stomach aches or trouble sleeping due to the stress of being bullied.


3. Isolation: Bullying can lead to social isolation. Children may withdraw from friends and activities they once enjoyed to avoid bullies.


4. Academic Impact: Bullying can affect a child's ability to concentrate in school, leading to lower grades and decreased academic performance.


5. Behavioral Changes: Some children who are bullied may exhibit changes in behavior, becoming more aggressive or even engaging in self-destructive behaviors.


6. Long-Term Effects: Bullying can have lasting effects into adulthood, contributing to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. It may also impact a person's ability to form healthy relationships.


It's crucial to address bullying promptly and provide support to children who experience it to minimise these harmful effects.

Homeopathy for Bullying

As a professional homeopath, with a background as an author and workshop facilitator with children on bullying and friendship, I found communication was of the utmost importance. We did this through books, storytelling, sharing and worksheets, etc. And now in practice, the gentle and effective of homeopathic remedies to support, strengthens this and the symptoms and effects of bullying. Working with a homeopath is a natural approach to our childrens individual health & wellbeing. Support programmes and packs available for parents and practitioners.

Stand Strong. Speak Up. Stop Bullying.

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