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title: blank canvas

series: MindTheGap

year of production: 2015

running time: 1:30 min

color / sound / subtitled


© 2015 / 2016 gillcarrie

it all starts with you. the natural you. the you sometimes hidden. sometimes forgotten. within your relationships, finances and health. you are one unique person with many aspects being part of the whole. discover and regain your own natural energy. within your life and life situations. through profiling, clearing, aligning your unique movement and expression. in your personal, private and professional life. being the love of your life?  begin being.  begin here.

gill carrie


many interests

many experiences

one passion


being the love of your life


modern and visionary with a different dynamic to personal and professional evolution

'we define ourselves in our relationships.


our private, personal & professional evolution is grounded in

relationship transformation


and it starts with ourselves.


often something is missing, hidden - there's a gap


I specialise in 'the gap'

find...your gap.  begin here.

00 44 (0) 131 208 7976

❤️ thank you, we've received!

© 2015 / 2016 gillcarrie

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