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A Healthy Refreshing Approach @

'A Refreshing Approach'

Gill Carrie, Health & WellBeing Coach @

I'm Gill Carrie, a professional homeopath and blended coach practitioner with an extensive client-centric business background and a passion for holistic healing and wellbeing.


Throughout my years in the hair, beauty and wellness industry, I've witnessed great stress, fatigue, burnout and illness. Sadly, all too often, we overlook our health and well-being until it's too late.


My mission is to change that narrative.


Through personalised consultations, comprehensive treatments, blended coaching and supportive partnerships, I'm committed to helping us achieve lasting wellness and thrive. 

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Nurturing Mind, Body, Spirit @

Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit

At TheHolisticFIT, our approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Through the principles of homeopathy, our consultations focus on identifying and treating the root causes of any imbalances you may be experiencing. Also, working with a coach who understands your challenges fosters a more supportive and empathetic environment.

Additionally, our collaborations offer a multi-faceted and integrative approach to enhancing your overall well-being, your professional practice and the client or patient care we offer. 


Whether you're seeking stress relief, understanding compassion fatigue., burnout prevention, overall vitality enhancement, chronic condition management support or practitioner and practice support, our approach is tailored to your unique needs. 

Prioritise Your Health.

Elevate Your Wellness.

It Begins With You.

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