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Supporting Practitioner Health & Wellbeing

in Person-Centred Practice


purpose  I  of the centre

is practitioner health wellbeing


With practitioner health & wellbeing becoming even more challenged, the centre aims to contribute to supporting practitioners in strengthening and maintaining their health & wellbeing. 

The centre does this through practical Research,  Consultations and Toolkits

Gill Carrie, Health & WellBeing @

passion I  for the centre

from founder practitioner

Gill Carrie is founder practitioner of the centre.


Gill’s holistic lifestyle and leadership management blends natural, proven and certified methodologies to deliver measurable results and healthy sustainable personal and organisational shifts.


Her ‘first love’ was in the hair & beauty industry - as a hairdresser, educator, lecturer, assessor, verifier, salon owner of 4 salons and an early recipient of the Investors in People Award for her company.


Gill’s passion continues in developing the centre - from a deep understanding as a homeopathy practitioner and coach and the importance of our whole person health & wellbeing in our practices.

More about Gill ... 

programmes  I  from the centre

for practitioners in practice



‘while you look after your patients or clients, we look after you’ 

Consultations for practitioners to support their health & wellbeing


while we look after you, we develop more to support you’ 

Research to support practitioners health & wellbeing



'while we develop more to support you, we support practices too' 

Toolkits to support practitioners health & wellbeing in practices

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