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Industry I Business I Education I Coaching I Clinics I Styling


Registered Homeopath, BSc(Hons), LCHE, RSHom

Certified Executive Leadership Coach, MGSSC, G2S

38 Years Person-Centric Business Experience

VP, CPD Coaching Training School 

Advisory Board, CIC Company


Founder, Practitioner, Coach & Consultant

@ gillcarrie&company and The Leaders Center

VP of G2S® Executive Coaching School

Certified Executive Leadership Coach

Practice focus on Health & Wellbeing

Advisory, CIC Board, Scottish Design Exchange (SDX)

BSc(Hons), Licentiate, RSHom, Homeopathy

(CHE & Middlesex University, London )

Registered @ Society of Homeopaths

Entrepreneurial Client-Centric Business Experience

Business Owner, Educator & Lecturer @ 19 years young

Early recipient of Investors in People Award, own company

Own In-House Training Centre for NVQ’s & Train The Trainer

Assessor & Verifier: L&D9DI (A1), L&D11 (V1)

Lecturer: ITFE Teaching Advanced Diploma

Commercial Division in FE: 

Employer Engagement & Business Development

MicroBusiness Project & Best Practice (College/Commercial)

CMI, CPD portfolio (extensive and diverse)

Equality & Diversity, SafeGuarding, H&S, TEFL

BNI International Board of Advisors

Professional Speakers Association Awards

Creative Collaborator (extensive)

Professional Stylist, Make-Up Artist - Styling, Education, Coaching

A Mum of two amazing grown up sons

with companies

Own and with Major Organisations, Companies & Brands

Product, Brand and Client Experience Ambassador

Continuously Adaptive and Creative Solutions

Working and Training with 'Amazing'

Gill Carrie by Sandie Knudsen @

An entrepreneur at a very young age, Gill Carrie, set up the first of her 4 hairdressing salons at the age of 19 – attracting new clients daily, achieving astonishing customer retention rates, an Investors In People Award, and taking the total salon experience to new levels.

A curious learner, a love for business and a passion for health & wellbeing, Gill expanded her portfolio with Coaching Certifications and a BSc (Hons) and Licentiate in Homeopathy to incorporate her lifelong interests into individualised holistic lifestyle management programmes.

 ‘hair-raising’  inspiration 

 ‘a creative head, on your wavelength’ 

gill carrie  I  health & wellbeing consultancy

specialising in empowering health & wellbeing - for clients, practitioners and practices

Clinics  I  Coaching  I  Consulting for Leadership  I  Entrepreneurship  I  Health & WellBeing

Registered HomeopathBSc (Hons), LCHE, RSHom  I  Certified Executive Leadership Coach, MGSSC, G2S®  I  VP, CPD  Coaching Training School  I  Advisory Board, CIC Company  I  38 Years Person-Centric Business Experience